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Why it is easy to break the foot? This is basically, the first questions that pop up in the mind of person who have broken foot. About the, reading this article could help due to it could give information regarding the easily breaking of foot. Hence, proper understanding could aid in order to lessen the possibility in acquiring the condition.

In the foot anatomy, foot combines structural strength and mechanical strength to support and then balance the weight of the body while standing rising and when moving the body. The ankle acts as the foundation, propulsion engine and then shock absorber. Foot breaks easily due to it has so many bones that when the foot get twisted or be in the wrong position it could easily break. Foot bones do easily break once they are not properly positioned to handle the weight of the body when moving.

Hence, in order for the foot bones not to be easily broken, foot care is very essential. Many ways could be done in order to prevent broken foot. Some people are engage with strenuous activities where in foot bones has huge possibility to get broken. According to foot anatomy, the best ways in order to prevent easily breaking of foot is using protective shoes. When engage to sports, it is vital to use the shoes that are recommended for the sports. As much as possible make sure that is very comfortable to use, it should not be too wide and too fit, as it could trigger broken foot.

It is included in the foot care to always massage the foot every night to relax it after whole day use. Before walking, it is suggested to exercise first the foot for it to be conditioned. The exercise can be done by moving the foot in circular motion. The exercise will prepare the foot bones and muscles for everyday standing, rising and moving.

Since foot is the one that holds the entire body weight when standing, walking, rising and moving, it is better to always move with caution. Through this, broken foot will definitely be prevented. It is because careless movements will definitely be the primary reason for the foot to easily get broken. Because ankle is considered as the foundation, it is vital to make sure it is always in the right position; it is because once it is the one injured foot will definitely get weak. Hence, that is why, for most sport enthusiast, it is the part could be easily injured

Knowing that broken foot could be taken easily, it would be great to do foot care as early as now to make sure that foot bones damage is prevented. As much as possible ensure that on every step made accident will never happen. In case accident happen, it is vital to ask the help of expert immediately to avoid further damages. Do not wait for the condition to get worst, because it could result to forever foot injury.

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